Russell & Annamarie Snow

Here's what other people are saying about us:

Peter W.
Brewer, ME

Great Hot Dogs just like in NYC but in a nice cozy place to sit and eat.  The Chili is the best.  Fresh Toppings.  Friendly Owners!!

Jen B.
Bethlehem, PA

THIS PLACE RULES. Perfect for satisfying those cravings for dogs and doing it deliciously. Fresh made toppings, (includes homemade vegan chili and cheese) quality meat substitutes if that's your thing, and very fresh buns. I don't know what I liked more, the taste or the owner's hospitality. Russ and Anna Maria really nailed taking care of us vegetarians and from what I've heard the meat eaters are just as satisfied!

Nicole C.
East Rutherford, NJ

Awesome place & incredibly friendly staff. I'm vegan & my boyfriend's a normal, meat-eating human. Incredible options for both of us.
Vegan options include: vegan hot dog, housemade vegan cheese sauce, & veggie chili. All are advertised as just vegetarian in the store, but the website clarifies that all three are vegan. They even sometimes have vegan baked goods on Tasty Treats Thursday.
First time I went they had a vegan PEPPER JACK CHEESE SAUCE!! My favorite kind of cheese before I went vegan, & I must say, it was delicious. The cheeses definitely do not disappoint, a nice contrast to most other vegan cheeses.
Overall, incredible little joint for herbivores and carnivores alike-- more places need to follow their footsteps

Santoro’s Franks & Chili opened its door on August 27th, 2016.

A true ‘Mom and Pop’ shop –The owners; Russell and Annamarie Snow (neé Santoro) have six children and five grandchildren between them.
When they decided to open a hot dog shop, Russell , a former chef who is originally from New York, wanted to provide the same kind of dogs that he remembered from his younger days – Sabrett all-beef, natural -casing frankfurters cooked in water and served with a traditional ‘red onion sauce’ accompaniment.  In essence Santoro’s is a stationary version of the typical NY Hot Dog cart.
Santoro’s signature chili is a result of Russell’s more than 35 years of experimenting and tweaking his recipe – he was called a “mad chili scientist” by friends and family – until he arrived at this present and final incarnation.
Annamarie, a native of Domodossola, Italy, brought several of her Old World family soup recipes to Santoro’s, including Pasta e Fagioli, Italian Wedding Soup and Minestrone.
 At the suggestion of family members they began by offering vegetarian hot dogs and a vegetarian version of their chili - which has since grown into a full vegan friendly duplicate of the regular menu!

We at Santoro’s take pride in our products.  All of our chili’s and soups, as well as our onion sauce, Cole slaw and specialty mustards are made from scratch in the shop.  Our rolls are fresh-baked and delivered daily.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Santoro’s and we hope to see you back soon!